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Legal Formalities  

Legal Formalities


Nirvana Wedding

Legal Formalities & Documents required by Nirvana Weddings

The following applies to the marriage of two British Nationals. Holders of any other passports need to check with us for the requirements & procedures that would apply.

The information provided although correct at the present time, is subject to change. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of all the documentation required.

1. A full 10 year passport with 3 months validity. A £10 (sterling) visa charge is payable on entry into the country.
2. A certificate of ‘No Impediment’ is required (contact your local register office). You should obtain this from your local Registrar of Marriages. One months notice is normally required for this. Please note the certificate must be issued not more than 3 months before the wedding day.
3. A full Birth Certificate and Passport must be presented.
4. If either of the couple are under 18 the parents or guardians consent must be obtained in writing.
5. If previously married or widowed, a copy of the Decree Absolute or Death Certificate must be produced. Please note special permission is required for women who wish to remarry in less than 300 days after the dissolution of their previous marriage. If your name has been changed by deed poll then legal proof is required.
6. Eight recent colour passport photographs are required for each person (these will appear on your marriage certificate so make sure that you are happy with the photograph!)
7. An application must be made in person to the British Consulate in Turkey to initiate formalities. You will be transported there by a Nirvana Representative, in a good quality air-conditioned vehicle (These charges are included in the Legal formalities Payment).
8. Inoculations and blood tests may be required for certain resorts. You will be transported there by a Nirvana Representative, in a good quality air-conditioned vehicle (These charges are included in the Legal Formalities Payment).
9. Two witnesses are required, (no parents, brothers or sisters, but uncles, aunts, cousins or friends are allowed). If you would like us to arrange this then please advise at the time of booking.
10. Transfers from your accommodation to the Consulate in Izmir/Antalya return and also to the clinic and registrar. (These charges are included in the Legal Formalities payment).
11. (OPTIONAL EXTRA) Deposit of RECORD OF MARRIAGE in UK. The original Turkish Marriage Certificate can be deposited with the appropriate General Register Office in Southport, Edinburgh or Belfast. It is optional and costs approx £40. (Please ask us for more information if you wish to do this).

We at Nirvana Weddings will assist you to with the final completion of paperwork required prior to your wedding and will be present during the ceremony to solemnize the marriage, to act as your interpreters and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We strongly recommend that you book a two-week holiday so that the wedding can be easily accommodated during the second week of your stay. We also advise that you take two sets of photocopies of all documents, one to be left a home and one to bring with you.